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This blade is designed to cut a wide variety of materials, including but not limited to paper, thick fabric, vinyl, and foam. Thickness ranges from 0.1 mm-3.0 mm, depending on the material.

We have been getting some inquiries on the half-cut setting on the SDX225 with Auto-Blade. The half-cut setting works great for material such as the Brother ScanNCut vinyl. We’ve tested this material numerous times. Other manufacturer’s materials may be thinner or thicker than ours therefore needing a pressure adjustment in the settings screen. This settings screen can be found near the half-cut setting, wrench icon. User may need increase or decrease pressure depending on materials. We always recommend a test cut even with the auto-blade.

• Cut materials such as a foam and felt virtually effortlessly with auto blade.*
• Durable steel blade. Japan design quality.
• Precise cutting of most suggested materials when used properly.
• CAUTION: Sharp object. May cause injury. Adult supervision recommended.

For use with ScanNCut DX Auto Blade Holder (not included).